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Do you offer any eco-friendly or organic material options?

Absolutely. We take pride in our curated selection of products that lean towards environmental sustainability. Several of our items, procured from esteemed manufacturers and brands, are crafted with soft ring spun cotton and cotton blends. Their signature range not only promises an impeccable print quality, ideal for Direct-To-Garment printing, but also stands as a testament to sustainability. These manufacturers and brands actively foster more sustainable and ethical cotton farming practices. When you opt for our eco-friendly and organic selections, you’re supporting our vision for a sustainable and ethically-conscious future. Always look for the eco-friendly or organic label in our product descriptions to make a conscious purchase.

Is your packaging eco-friendly and recyclable?

Yes, we are committed to being environmentally responsible. The poly bags we use for packaging are not only recyclable but also biodegradable. They are made of 100% virgin polyethylene film and comply with both FDA and USDA standards.

How does your production process contribute to environmental sustainability?

Our production is primarily on-demand, meaning we only create products when they are ordered. This approach significantly reduces waste, overproduction, and unsold stock, subsequently lessening our environmental footprint. We are acutely aware of environmental concerns and continually strive to adopt practices that promote sustainability. By choosing our products, you’re supporting a business model that prioritizes the well-being of our planet.

Are the products ethically sourced or manufactured?

Yes, our commitment to ethical sourcing and manufacturing is paramount. We align ourselves with manufacturers and brands that are recognized for their dedication to the highest ethical standards. These manufacturers and brands are renowned for their plush garments, balanced textile blends, and adaptive stretch. Moreover, they are proactive participants in environmental programs that emphasize the creation of apparel using renewable energy sources and consume less water than the industry average.

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    Even though we take all measures to keep colors as close as possible to real products, not all screens render colors the same way. Please note that the color of garments and artworks may differ from what you see on your screen and the actual product.